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Rental conditions

The tenant will pay for his rentals in advance and provide sufficient security. The minimum rental duration is 1 day.


The customer is responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. These risks can be covered against payment of 10% of the rental amount. Insurance is counted by default but it is not obligatory. Replacement equipment is not insured. Damage due to malicious intent is not covered. Miscellaneous items, clothing, sledging, mountain, pow, snowshoeing, hiking, tryskiing are never insured.


At the end of the rental, the rented items must be returned before 5:30 p.m. or at the latest the next day before 9:00 a.m., otherwise a full day's rental will be charged. Rented items are not transferable.


The store declines all responsibility in the event of an accident that may occur with the rented equipment as well as for items stored, forgotten or in need of repair. In the event of problems with the rented equipment, the customer will come to our store or the nearest sports store as quickly as possible to remedy the problem.


Any repairs resulting from normal wear and tear will be at the expense of the sports store. For damage due to malicious intent (e.g. skiing on the road, gravel, outside marked slopes, on "rails", on grass, on open snow slopes) the person responsible will pay the compensation. value of the rented equipment.


Taking the equipment implies acceptance of the payment. The regulations and the rental contract in French are authentic.

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