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Rental conditions

The client must pay rental in advance and leave one form of guarantee. 1-day minimum rental duration.


The client is responsible for all material lost, stolen or broken. These risks can be covered by paying an insurance, which costs 10% of overall rental. The insurance will be included by default but it is not mandatory. Substituted material cannot be covered. Damages due to ill use are not insured. The articles divers, habit, luge, montagne, pow, raquette, rando, tryski, tons (alone) are never insured.


The rental period finishes at 5:30 PM. If the rental equipment is brought back after 9:00 AM the following day, a full day’s rental will be charged. The rental equipment is not transmissible.


The rental shop declines any responsibility in the event of any accidents which may occur with the rental equipment as well as for the equipment left in storage in the shop, in repairs or forgotten. In the event of problems with the rental equipment, the client is asked to return to the original rental shop as soon as possible or visit the nearest professional ski workshop.


All repairs needed from wear and tear are the responsibility of the sports shop. Damage that needs repairing due to ill use, i.e. skiing on gravel roads, unmarked tracks, « rails », grass, slopes lacking snow, has to be paid by the client.


Taking of the equipment implies acceptance of the rental conditions. The terms and conditions in the leasing agreement in French is the true contract.   

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